Why is Chlorine in our drinking water?

Many people wonder why chlorine is added to our drinking water. Chlorine tastes and smells horrible! Unfiltered tap water is a lot less appealing to drink than chlorine free filtered water – so naturally you’ll tend to drink more water if its chlorine free. Also, with no chlorine, ice blocks taste a lot better in drinks and in the bathroom showering is a lot more pleasant. Yet the governments around the world continue to use chlorine extensively.

This is because microorganisms are found in untreated raw water supplies coming from rivers, lakes, dams and ground water. While not all microorganisms are harmful, there are some that are. Thus, treatment processes have been introduced such as chlorination to provide safe water for public consumption. Chlorine is used widely as it is particularly effective in killing bacteria and viruses, and in preventing re-contamination during distribution. Also it is inexpensive and relatively easily for authorities to dose into large municipal water supplies.

Although chlorination does have some drawbacks, it will continue to be the most popular, dependable, and cost-effective method of water disinfection for government controlled large water supplies for many years. Many communities have however, become hesitant and concerned with the continuation of this process due the fact that chlorine is harmful and possibly carcinogenic if the levels of chlorine are not controlled properly. This is apart from the unpleasant taste and smell...

There are solutions! If chlorine is already present in your water supply it can be easily and inexpensively removed using a water filter. A Puretec water filtration system using carbon will reduce large amounts of chlorine to the extent that it is undetectable. With water supplies such as domestic rain water tanks Puretec Tanksafe is a cost effective, more environmentally friendly and safer to use product than chlorine. To read more on this click the links below.

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