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Bottled Water Alternative - Pay less than 1c per litre

Need an alternative to going out and buying bottled water?

Filtered water is the ultimate solution, it saves time, energy, and the savings speak for themselves. Enjoy endless, pure water straight from your tap for less than 1c per litre!
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Case Study - Eden Health Retreat, Currumbin Valley

The Customer.
Eden is known for their personalised approach to relaxation and self-care to restore vitality, health and wellbeing and are Australia’s longest-running luxury health retreat.

The Water Challenge.
Although Eden’s water supply is beautiful natural spring water, as with all unfiltered water supplies, there is always the risk of contamination along the catchment area.
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How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Your Home

• Undersink Filters: As the name suggests, these water purifiers are installed under your kitchen sink and filter the water before it comes out of your kitchen tap. 

• Wholehouse Filters: These purifiers are designed to provide filtered water to your whole house instead of just your kitchen, this is a good option if you’re concerned about sediment build-up damaging your appliances or if you want to shower in chemical-free water.

Which type is the best for you?

So, you know why you want to purify the water in your home and you know what the different types of filters are, but this has not answered the question of which water purifier is best for you.
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Why You Need a Whole House Filtration System

When thinking about why people buy water filters, the first thing that comes to mind is the purity and taste of tap water. But if filtering water is just about the water we drink, why would anyone need a whole house water filtration system? The answer to this question is pretty simple: Filtered water has benefits that go well beyond drinkability.

You can browse Puretec’s full range of whole house filtration systems for mains water and rainwater on our website, or you can contact us to talk to our team about the ins and outs of each filter model. Whether you need a filtration system for your home or your office, we can help you find the best filter for you.
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The Benefits of Water Softeners

Have you noticed your water leaving spots on glassware and/or streaks on shower screens, scaling in the kettle, tapware or shower heads? After taking a shower have you noticed that your skin feels dry and itchy or your hair feeling dry, brittle or frizzy? After doing the laundry ever noticed that the fabric is harsh and rough...
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Best Water Filter For Your Home

Before you purchase a filter, you need to know the answers to these questions:

• How much filtered water do you want access to?
• Which rooms in your home require filtered water?
• What do you want filtered out of your water?
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What is Ultraviolet Sterilisation? The Chemical Free Way to Treat Your Water

Puretec Ultraviolet Sterilisation is a process by which water is sanitized using ultraviolet light. This method is effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria & parasites, and when used alongside a proper filtration system, the combination can rid your rainwater of toxic contaminants.
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How Important is Water Filtration?

Water filters are a great way to help do your part in saving the environment!

Water filters can help avoid the mass production of plastic bottles and allow access to safe and healthy drinking water. In Australia alone, over 400,000 barrels of oil are used per year to manufacture plastic bottles.
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The Puretec HybridPlus Series

October 12, 2020
Introducing the Puretec HybridPlus range; all-in-one pump, Filtration & UV Sterilisation systems for an even easier and neater way to have safe, pressurised water throughout any home or facility that are on rainwater or mains/rainwater supplies.
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Ash/Smoke - Fire Affected Water Supplies

With the widespread devastation of the current Australian bushfire disaster, we have been inundated with questions from households with fire-affected water supplies. This article is designed to inform and advise dealers on how to assist with these enquiries.
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Puretec New Products Release | SC1000 & BoreSafe™ Eco

Before the years ends, here's the new product releases this month of December 2019. 
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New Puretec Anti-Legionella Filtration Units

November 13, 2019
Introducing the all NEW Puretec LPX Series. These units are designed as the final end-point protection of staff, patients and especially at risk patients from Legionella in water.
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Rainwater Treatment Maintenance Guide

Rainwater collection is a great practice and becoming increasingly popular. However, it’s essential that water is collected and stored correctly and then maintained regularly so that it’s fit for consumption. The following sections of this guide will provide some advice on how to ensure your water is pure and safe to use.
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Why You Need to Change Your Filters Regularly

A common question that we are asked at Puretec is “Why should I change my filters regularly?”. A great question! Using a filtration system for your mains or rainwater is a simple way to enjoy peace of mind. However, if you’re not changing your filters and lamps (on ultraviolet systems) regularly they may not be doing their job effectively. 
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The New Puretec Filter Cartridge Cleaning Gun

Puretec’s hand-held, trigger-activated filter cleaner makes cartridge cleaning quick and easy. This device greatly reduces the time and effort involved when cleaning your reusable Puretec water filters. 
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The NEW PureMix Z6

The PureMix Z6 system uses Ultra Z Filtration Technology to reduce unwelcome elements in your water. With 3 levels of filtration, the PureMix Z6 filters out sediment down to 0.1 micron* as well as filtering out bad taste, odour, chlorine and protects against cysts and bacteria such as E. coli. Leaving you with healthy, great tasting, clean, safe and pure water.
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Know Your Water - Rainwater

Rainwater collection is great practice. It’s free from the sky, it tastes great, it’s reasonably consistent in terms of quality and there generally aren’t many things that need to be treated before it’s ready for drinking or using throughout your home. One of the first issues we come across with is sediment. Sediment is inevitably...
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Know Your Water - Mains Water

Many people receive their water from a mains or town water supply; the benefit with this water supply is that usually, the local government authority has a water treatment plant in place to get that water to a condition where it meets drinking water guidelines and is safe to drink. The reality is that most homes are several kilometres...
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Simple fix for your alternative water source during the drought

In the areas of severe drought in NSW & QLD the little water remaining is deteriorating in quality.

We recently received a call from Rolleston, QLD inland from Rockhampton in the Central Highlands region. They live on a 20000...
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River Water Quality Issues Including Blue Green Algae Blooms

Many households in in Australia and New Zealand draw directly off rivers and channels and use the water throughout the home. Unfortunately, as those households well know, the water generally contains suspended solids, high levels of organics or tannin’s, some chemicals...
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Naegleria Fowleri: The Brain Eating Amoeba

Naegleria Fowleri, also commonly known as the “brain-eating parasite”, is a free-living, bacteria-feeding amoeba that can be pathogenic, causing a fulminant brain infection called the primary amoebic meningoencephalitis or PAM. This microorganism is typically found in bodies of warm freshwater such as ponds, lakes, rivers...
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Why Watermark is important for water filters

When you looking to purchase a domestic water filtration system for your home it is important that the system you select carries the Watermark approval.

For water filters to be legally installed in accordance with your plumbing regulations getting the watermark certification is
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Tanksafe – The best way to disinfect your rain water

Along with a selection of sediment filters, carbon filters and neutralising treatment systems, Puretec offers Tank safe as part of its range in treating rainwater, surface water or underground water. There is a growing need for these as more alternative sources are needed for treating water...
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Fluoride in Drinking water

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, often found in underground springs and bore/well water. It is also commonly found in food, plants, bottled water, and toothpaste. Studies have proven Fluoride to reduce tooth decay within the general population, which is why our town water supplies are dosed...
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Why is Chlorine in our drinking water?

Many people wonder why chlorine is added to our drinking water. Chlorine tastes and smells horrible! Unfiltered tap water is a lot less appealing to drink than chlorine free filtered water – so naturally you’ll tend to drink more water if its chlorine free. Also, with no chlorine, ice blocks taste a lot better in drinks and in the bathroom showering...
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