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About Puretec Products

Puretec drinking water systems have been designed for the worldwide market from extensive research and customer’s feedback. We believe uncompromised quality and consistency along with leading innovation and technology is of upmost importance with water filtration – that is how we have ensured Puretec water is consistent and exact.

Puretec’s longer filter life technology ensures maximum contaminant capacity and increased cartridge life. The wide selection of cartridges available means you can be sure there will be a cartridge to suit your exact needs.

The Puretec Tripla 3-in-1 Tapware ranges integrate rainwater and/or filtered water outlet. Tripla's sleek contemporary designs eliminate the need for an extra tap on the sink for rainwater or filtered water by incorporating a secondary outlet within the mixer itself. The Puretec Tripla tapware range is manufactured to stringent standards and is of the first quality – that’s why we back it up with our ‘6 year warranty’.

These systems provide you with peace-of-mind throughout the house, reducing taste, odour, chemicals and sediment at every tap. Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house, including the kitchen at a fraction of the cost of bottled water prices.

The Puretec Ecotrol systems are specifically designed to provide solutions for your rainwater. Protect you and your family from the many waterborne diseases commonly found in untreated rain water supplies. The Puretec Ecotrol systems come with a 3 year warranty, and have been extensively tested with varying water qualities on household pressure systems. They provide maximum filtration with minimum pressure drop - maintaining a very high flow rate even in low pressure systems.

Puretec’s fridge filters incorporate advanced filtration technology providing superior drinking water compared to the original filters. They contain a compressed carbon block which provides tremendous capacity to remove and/or reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water. The Fridge replacement cartridges are just some of the wide range of compatible cartridges that Puretec manufacture – Call now: 1300 140 140

The range of Puretec solutions is available through leading plumbing, hardware and irrigation stores. Refer to our store locator for a distributor near you.

Filters are best plumbed on the pressure side (delivery/ outlet) of the pump. The filters once blocked can starve the pump – it is best to check with your particular pump model as to its requirements.

The systems are designed for easy, do-it-yourself cartridge change outs, however a local plumber/maintenance person could be used; the replacement cartridges are available from leading plumbing, hardware and irrigation stores.

Please check your Puretec user guide, however as a general rule for standard cartridges it is every 6-12 months, with RO membranes it is every 1-3 years.

Please see our cross reference on Puretec fridge filters. click here

Yes, this can be done quickly and easily, feel free to call us to select a retro-fit filter kit. Call 1300 140 140.

Yes, this can be done quickly and easily, feel free to call us to select a retro-fit filter kit. Call 1300 140 140.

All systems can be installed vertically or horizontally except the ‘Plus’ models which must be installed horizontally.

How do Puretec systems remove impurities in my water?

Tannins are hard to remove and there is no guarantee of completely removing it; however the RO Series is excellent for undersink drinking water applications and the GC Series is effective for whole house situations. (WH2500/CFS Series)

The Ecotrol range and PL and DP Series are the best suited for gravity situations.

Tanksafe in direct contact will kill Algae; however you will need a filter to physically remove the algae.

The UV lamp stays on to ensure that there is no chance of bacteria passing through the chamber.

What we recommend is that when not using the filter for a long period of time you should remove the filter and leave it to dry out to prevent bacterial growth on the carbon. When you require the filter, simply install the filter and flush out the system as usual with new filters. The estimated life span would be 2-3 years.

Our Ecotrol units come with pre-filtration, as the bacteria can be ‘shielded’ by the large particles.

As all applications vary, we suggest you contact our service team and we will recommend the best solution for your requirements.

Tripla Taps are designed to work on a minimum of 40kpa.

Please call a Puretec Professional now on 1300 140 140

The blackness in the water is only temporary, as this is the carbon fines being released. After a few minutes of flushing the water will clear up.

Like water in your pipe, rainwater does collect impurities. The upset stomach you sometimes get is probably not something you’ve eaten; it is most likely the unfiltered rainwater you have been in contact with.

The Puretec Softrol only uses salt in the regeneration process and will automatically flush itself of any salty water before the water is redirected back to the outlet.

Chlorine is used to kill germs, but because it contains Trihalomethanes (THM’S), known carcinogens, it is reported to be closely linked to cancer. Moreover, too much chlorine can affect the taste and smell of your water. Puretec carbon filters will remove chlorine.

This debate has been intense for many years and there are two divided points of view. We do not aspire to either side. Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay and is an inorganic. Banned in many countries, fluoride was once disposed of as toxic waste. On the other side of the coin is the National Health and Medical Research Council’s view that the small levels of Fluoride in drinking water are safe. The Council also believe that children have a much greater risk of developing cavities without Fluoride. For a system that removes fluoride see the RO Series.

We recommend that you contact our Puretec Professionals for advice.

This is common in rainwater caused by low Ph reacting with copper pipes. We recommend that you contact our Puretec Professionals for advice.

This is common in bore water and is generally dissolved iron. We recommend that you contact our Puretec Professionals for advice.

Water in general

There are currently several different types of water treatment options commonly used today, from distillation to reverse osmosis. While the processes are highly different, depending on the incoming water quality, the resulting fresh and clean drinking water is more or less the same.

Advantages of Puretec Water Filters over Bottled Water
  • Cost – an under sink water filter pays itself off very very quickly.
  • Convenience – No lugging of bottles, running out of water – the pure water is on tap 24/7.
  • Environment – The plastic bottles used by bottled water are harmful to the environment – water filters eliminate this.

Water is life, as the saying goes, but how much do we actually know about the water we drink? Depending where you are in Australia (or the world) will make a huge difference on the quality and taste of water and as to what chemicals, like fluoride and chlorine, are used for treatment purposes.

  • Roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water.
  • A healthy person can drink nearly 48 cups of water per day!
  • Recommended daily water consumption or adults is around eight cups per day
  • Weight losses directly after physical activity is weight from water, not fat
  • By the time you feel thirsty; you have already lost over 1 percent of the total amount of water in your body.
  • Wherever you get your water, it contains chemicals and minerals.
  • There is actually more fresh water below the earth’s surface than there is on top
  • Water contains no fats, no proteins, no carbohydrates and therefore no calories (in other words, it is good to drink!)

Drinking water is important as your body is composed of nearly 70% water, it is important to replenish the liquid you lose when doing exercise are other every day activities. Water helps maintain a balance in the body and can aid weight loss when combined with a water rich – low calorie diet. Water also helps to remove impurities from your body as well.

Drinking water is important to a healthy body, but knowing that your source of water is clean and free from harsh chemicals and toxins is not that easy. Even municipal provided water in our own homes can contain dangerous levels of chlorine and fluoride, and thus opting to use a water filter can help improve the quality and the taste of the water you drink. Water filters not only remove excess chemicals, but can also neutralize disease causing germs and viruses as well.

Having a water filter on your fridge or under sink is a great thing for a family, but did you know that you can now install water filters on your whole house or connect them directly to your mains water inlet? The whole house filter systems don’t cost a lot more than other systems and provide pure water for showering and bathing reducing the negative effects of chlorine on your skin. There are many benefits of whole house water filters. They protect the whole house from sediment extending the service life of ceramic disc taps, prevent the hot water system from building up with silt and sludge, cartridges last a long time (no need to change your filter every month like in some portable water filters) and can be installed outside making cartridge changes very easy. Every tap in your house will provide fresh, clean and quality drinking water free from harsh chemicals and toxins, providing the whole family with the long lasting benefits of pure drinking water.

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