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Whole House Water Filter

Transform your water with Puretec FilterWall™ F Series, a whole house water filter that will reduce PFAS, chlorine, sediment and the effects of water hardness before they enter your home. Enjoy improved drinking water quality and promote healthier skin and hair.

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Mains Water Filter System


3 Stage Filter

FilterWall™ F Series

A freestanding water filter connected to your mains water inlet, that serves your entire house. Experience the convenience of filtered water from every tap, including the shower, in your home.

Experience the benefits of FilterWall™ in your home

Filter wall whole house water filter provides Filtered Water From Every Tap

Filtered Water From Every Tap

The FilterWall™ enhances everyday life, making the purest water accessible everywhere at home, from your kitchen to your shower, and even your garden. The FilterWall™ whole house mains water filter will reduce sediment, chlorine, PFAS and other contaminants, so you can enjoy filtered water from any room, any tap, any time.

Filter wall protects your skin & hair

Healthier Skin & Hair

Reducing the chlorine content from your shower or bath water can have significant benefits to skin and hair, such as softer skin and preserved vibrancy of coloured hair. Chlorine can exacerbate irritation of skin conditions like eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis; damaging the natural skin barrier. Installing a FilterWall™ complete home water filtration system is a great way to minimise topical irritation.

Filter wall Extend The Life Of Your Appliances in your whole house

Extend The Life Of Your Appliances

Reduce sediment build-up and minimise build-up, prolonging the life of your pipes and appliances. Experience improved longevity and less frequent replacements of appliances, while lowering your utility costs.

FilterWall™ F Series Product Range

FilterWall™ Product Range

FilterWall F5

Large House, Bathroom 2+

Chlorine, Taste & Odour Filtration

Sediment Filtration


55 Litres Per Minute

20" Cartridge Size

FilterWall F6

Large House, Bathroom 2+

Chlorine, Taste & Odour Filtration

Sediment Filtration

Scale Prevention Filtration

55 Litres Per Minute

20" Cartridge Size

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The Ultimate Water Upgrade for Your Home

Innovative Style With Unmatched Functionality - The Ultimate Water Filtration System

Filter wall 3 Stage Filtration Design Functionality

3 Stage Filtration for Great Tasting Water

Three stages of filtration work to reduce sediment and chlorine, resulting in clean, purified water — not only for drinking, but also for showering and watering the garden.

Great Tasting Water 24/7 with filter wall product

Filters PFAS Chemicals

PFAS molecules are absorbed by the carbon cartridge, reducing the quantity before it enters your home. This will reduce the amount of PFAS that is absorbed into the skin during showering and also in your drinking water. For further protection against PFAS it is recommended that an undersink filter incorporating carbon, like the Puremix-Z7, or an RO270 Reverse Osmosis system

Filter wall Sophisticated Design that suits your home

Functionality Meets Style

The FilterWall™ is available in four standard colour options, designed to seamlessly integrate with your fence or outdoor setting. Prefer a splash of colour? Explore custom colour options– endless possibilities await to perfectly match your style!

Filter wall ScaleGuard Technology Feature

ScaleProtect Technology

If you live in an area with medium to high water hardness, you might be familiar with the white spotty scale build-up found on shower screens, fixtures, and glassware. F4 and F6 models are equipped with ScaleProtect technology, adept at mitigating scale deposits.

The advantage of water filtration for the whole home

Let's talk about the undervalued hero of our daily routines - water! An often overlooked essential despite its vital role in our health and well-being. Shockingly, 80% of Australians still fall short when it comes to adequate hydration, but why? We can all relate to the bad taste and smell of mains water, and how unappealing it is that makes us drink less, but ever wondered why it tastes like a pool?

How does the absence of a whole house water filter impact your physical health?

That distinct scent of chlorine lingering after a refreshing dip in the pool is a nostalgic memory for many of us. Yet, what about the less-than-pleasant aftermath of red and dry skin? It's easy to overlook the daily impact of chlorine in our mains water shower and skincare regimens, yet its effects are far from minimal.

Why is having a whole home water filter system beneficial for your hair?

Do you find yourself constantly returning to the hair salon, baffled by how quickly your hair colour fades? Well, it turns out it might not just be your imagination. The culprit? Chlorine lurking in copper pipes. This chemical, when combined with iron and other minerals, can wreak havoc on bleached and coloured hair, leading to fast fading and even changes in colour.


Why You Need a Whole House Filtration System

Why You Need a Whole House Filtration System

When thinking about why people buy water filters, the first thing that comes to mind is the purity and taste of tap water. But if filtering water is just about the water we...

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Your Home

Whether your water comes from the mains system or a rainwater tank, the best way to ensure the water coming from your taps is pure and clean is by filtering it. You may already do this with a jug in the fridge, but this can prove inefficient due to the need to frequently replace filter cartridges and the limited amount of water you can hold in a jug.

FilterWall™ F Series: Redefining Home Water Filtration

FilterWall™ F Series: Redefining Home Water Filtration

Puretec, at the forefront of water purification technology, is thrilled to unveil the FilterWall™ F Series, an innovative solution in whole house, mains water filtration, now available across Australia and New Zealand.


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