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Do you use rainwater in your home or facility?

Designed specifically for Rainwater, the Puretec HybridPlus is a complete plug & play package with pump*, 3-Stage Filtration & UV Sterilisation. All-in-one unit that is weatherproof, rodent-proof, tamper-proof and reduces pump noise.

HybridPlus Features

Pumps, filters and sterilises water all-in-one unit.

Designed to sit neatly beside a house, no more ugly pumps and pipes on view.

Simple installation with unique flexible connection system.

The lockable unit is weatherproof, vandal-proof and child-proof.

Unique gullwing doors for ease of maintenance.

Models designed for just rainwater or rain and mains supplies.

Diagram & Filtration Technology

Please click the numbers below to see the functionalities and features of the Hybrid Plus.

  1. STAGE 1: SEDIMENT FILTRATION A washable sediment filter that removes coarse dirt, sand and particles down to 5 micron.
  2. STAGE 2: TASTE AND ODOUR REMOVAL Reduces bad taste, odour, herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.
  3. STAGE 3: FINE SEDIMENT FILTRATION Removes fine sediment and particulate down to 1 micron.
  4. STAGE 4: BACTERIA PROTECTION Kills 99.99% of E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts with Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical-free.
  5. Premium pump*, pressure controller and optional mains/rain changeover switch to ensure adequate pressure and seamless back up from the mains/municipal water supply.
  6. Unique connection system so that water flow can be connected to the left or righthand sides for a fast, easy and neat installation.
  7. Patented cabinet with gull-wing style access doors look great whilst providing easy access for maintenance, is corrosion resistant and lockable to prevent tampering.
  8. A 3-point locking system ensures the unit is secure from tampering or vandalism.
  9. Adjustable feet to eliminate instability and vibration.
  10. Provisional bolt-holes so the system can be fixed to a platform or slab, securing it from high winds and vandalism.


Find a Puretec HybridPlus Dealer

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Find a Puretec Dealer

Do you have more questions about the HybridPlus?

Contact our friendly Customer Care Executives. We’ll guide you through more information about the HybridPlus unit. Please give us a ring, we are very happy to help you.

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*HybridPlus P3, P6, P9 and P12 models. *Fittings on installed picture not included. HybridPlus P12 model pictured.