Model No: CO-B100

Balance Plus Cartridge, 5 micron, 10”, 2,460L scale reduction @0.57 Lpm

CO-B100 | Quick Change Replacement Cartridges
Suits: CO-UB Series [CO-SUB100-K], CO-B Series [CO-SB100-K, CO-B100-K]
Price: $168.23Incl. GST*
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Features & Benefits

• Balance+ media does not add or take anything from the water, maintaining TDS levels after treatment.
• pH levels remain unchanged, meaning the treated water is suitable for nearly any application where corrosion is a concern.
• Rich minerals such as calcium and magnesium are preserved, with no addition of sodium or other chemicals to the water.
• Balance+ Technology prevents scale build up, but also helps to reduce previously formed scale in the system.


Ordering Code
Micron Rating
5 Micron
Min/Max Temperature
Min/Max Pressure
30-100 psi
*Micron rating is nominal.