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With almost 30 years experience in the water filtration industry, Puretec remains a family owned, family run company with an unrivalled reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. We know that uncompromised quality and consistency, along with innovation and technology is of utmost importance with water filtration - that’s how we’ve ensured Puretec water is consistent and exact. At Puretec, perfection is only just good enough.

Up to 10 years warranty

Our commitment to quality, value and dedicated customer service ensures only the best service. Our warranties are the benchmark in the industry.

Puretec’s range of products are extensively tested and are we pride ourselves on stocking the widest range of WaterMarked filtration products in the in market. Our consumers can be assured that their water is safe and healthy, knowing our products meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Save Money & Reduce Waste

Every minute worldwide, bottled water is being purchased and produced. A growing problem for our ecosystems has been the rise of the use of single-use plastics. By filling up your glass or reusable bottle with filtered, fresh water from your own Puretec system, you’re doing your bit to ease the burden on our earth!

Safe & Healthy Water Throughout Your Home

Water can have a big impact on our health, whether it’s how much we’re drinking or what’s in the water itself. It’s essential to know that the water you’re drinking doesn’t have any unwanted characteristics such as harmful bacteria, or even an awful taste and odour like chlorine. Enjoy peace of mind and refreshing taste when you choose a Puretec Water Filtration System.

Outstanding Customer Service

The Puretec Team is passionate about perfecting water. We’re here to help with any questions you may have surrounding your water and solutions are never far away.