Food Service Selection Guide

It is important to select the right water treatment system so that you get the benefits you expect. Below are a few things that should be considered before selecting the right system for your needs.

Know the characteristics of your water

  1. A tendency to form scale – impacting on equipment operating efficiency and condition.
  2. An offensive taste or odour – impacting on beverage quality.

A common cause of taste and odour is 'chlorine' and its by-products. Scale comes from naturally occurring minerals in the water commonly referred to as 'water hardness. It is essential to understand the chemical characteristics of your water to select the best treatment technology for an application and avoid expensive water-related equipment problems.

You may be already familiar with the characteristics of your water, but if not, here are a couple of simple ways to learn about it:

  • Contact your service company and ask for the most recent water quality report.
  • Puretec can provide a complete water analysis through an independent laboratory


Puretec have professionally qualified staff who can help you analyse your water?

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