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Simple fix for your alternative water source during the drought

In the areas of severe drought in NSW & QLD the little water remaining is deteriorating in quality. 

We recently received a call from Rolleston, QLD inland from Rockhampton in the Central Highlands region. They live on a 20000-acre property and have depended on rainwater catchment for the household water plus bottled water for drinking purposes. 

The current severe drought is forcing them to use dam water instead but the runoff from the adjacent paddocks is sure to contain animal faeces and they didn't fancy washing in it. They have another dam but it is nearer their neighbour who runs a cotton farming business on 5000 acres and they figured the chemical drift from that operation would make that dam water less satisfactory. The dams are 15 km apart so the cotton spraying was not reckoned to be a problem at that distance. 

The customer's question was how to clean up the dam water to make it suited for washing and laundry purposes and was expecting to have to spend $5k or more? She also was expecting to still need to buy bottled water for drinking! Our discussion turned to the Hybrids and, to her surprise, the prices were very pleasant. 

We explained that the Hybrids started with a 5 micron filter which was washable and dam water always had an unknown amount of sediment. This, in turn, meant that filter cleaning could be so frequent that it could possibly require prefiltration prior to the Hybrid. We suggested they consider an irrigation type spin disc filter which would get the preliminary dirt loading down and was an automated device that was self-cleaning. It was also a surprise to her that the water thus treated (and provided the taste was acceptable) would be fit for human consumption, meaning that bottled water may be unnecessary! 

She became quite enthusiastic at that and suggested many folks in that wide area would be looking for the same solution and suggested promoting!! So here we are... 

See more details on the Puretec Hybrid here: Australia: http://puretec.com.au/rainwater-whole-house-filter-systems.html New Zealand: http://puretec.co.nz/rainwater-whole-house-filter-systems.html