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Bottled Water Alternative - Pay less than 1c per litre

Do you spend your time & effort buying bottled water? Puretec has a number of filtered water solutions that cost less than 1c  per litre.

Here are the important advantages you can experience by having a water filter system in your home or facility:

• No need to go out to buy bottled water in bulk or pay for delivery.
• Pay less than 1per litre by having a water filter system in your home compared to bottled water that can cost over $1 per litre.
• It's eco-friendly, prevents plastic bottles from going into landfill.
• Filtered water available 24/7 straight from the tap.
• Removes smell, bad taste & odour, chlorine from your water.
• Removes viruses & harmful bacteria - only leaves purified and great-tasting water.
• Save space! Don't clutter up your cupboards with having to store water. Puretec has a range on systems that will even connect to your existing mixer tap.

Click here to see the water filters range suitable for your home or facility.

Not sure which solution is right for you? Our friendly team can help, call our Customer Care Team on 1300 140 140.

Keep your family safe, enjoy the convenience of having a clean, filtered and great tasting water. 

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