Best Water Filter For Your Home

Mains or town supplied water is generally considered safe to drink, however this is not always the case as there are many opportunities along the long pipelines from the water treatment plant to your house for contamination; and all mains water is certainly not as pure, clean, or tasty as it could be. This is why water filters are needed, they enhance the quality of the drinking water in your home. However, simply buying the first water filter you can find online or going with the cheapest option will lead to you not getting the water filter most well suited to your home and needs. Before you purchase a filter, you need to know the answers to these questions:

How much filtered water do you want access to?
Which rooms in your home require filtered water?
What do you want to be filtered out of your water? 

Once you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to begin your search for the perfect water filter. Continue reading for a guide on how to choose the best water filtration system for your home.

Do You Need a permanently installed Water Filtration System?

You may already be filtering water in your home with the help of a filter jug, so installing a full filtration system may not seem necessary. However, you need to consider the capacity of your jug and compare that to the amount of water you need on a daily basis. A one-litre jug is simply not enough for a two-adult household, let alone for a full family. A water filtration system can give you easier access to more filtered water, so not only will you be able to drink a lot more filtered water without worrying about refilling the jug, but you will also be able to use filtered water in your cooking, which will improve the taste.

Aside from the benefits of increased access to filtered water, installing a full filtration system will also save you money in the long run. Although jugs have a much lower up-front cost, they do not last as long as a full system does, so you will have to buy multiple over the years. You also need to consider the cost of cartridges and their replacement rate because cartridges for jugs need to be replaced a lot more frequently than system cartridges. This may seem like a small cost now, but it will add up over time.

Another reason why you may need a water filtration system in your home is so you can filter the water that you do not drink, like the water from your shower taps and laundry. You already know that filtered water tastes better because filtering removes the chemicals added by the water treatment process, but those chemicals can also damage your skin and clothing. Chlorine is used in the treatment process to kill harmful bacteria, most of it is removed before the water reaches your home, but the traces that remain can dry out your skin and lighten previously dark clothes.

What Kind of Water Filter Do You Need?

The type of water filtration system you need depends on what your water source is and which rooms in your home you wish to get filtered water in. The easiest way to find the product that’s right for you is to use our product selector, but if you are curious about what the different systems are, here is a quick breakdown of common applications:

Undersink Systems: As the name suggests, these systems sit under your sink and filter the water coming through your taps, effectively removing chemicals and sediments.

Wholehouse Systems: Once again, the application is in the name! These systems are typically installed outside your home and will remove the chemicals and sediments from the water coming out of all your taps, including those in the laundry and bathroom.

Water source: The type of system you get will change depending on where your water comes from, this is because there will be different contaminants in mains water versus rainwater. If you do not know what your water source is, here is a helpful guide to how you can find out.

You can always find more information on the different types of filters on our website by looking through our full product range, or looking at our pages on mains undersink systems, rainwater undersink systems, mains wholehouse systems, and rainwater wholehouse systems. Another easy way to learn more is to contact us!

Where Can You Get a Water Filter?

Puretec water filters are widely available through over 2000 dealers, find one near your location on Find a Dealer section on our website.

All water filters connected to main water supplies need to be installed by a licensed plumber according to your local plumbing code. Puretec systems are designed to be easy to install, and most plumbers would have had experience in installing Puretec systems and will be able to give you advice on your particular installation.

If you want a water filtration system that is reliable, durable, and uses the most innovative designs in Australia & New Zealand, then you should tell your plumber that you want a Puretec water filter system.

At Puretec, we provide Australian & New Zealand households with the highest quality water filters in the nation, so your family can enjoy clean drinking water from every tap in your house. Contact us today for more information on how a Puretec water filter can improve your home’s water quality.