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Remove Iron from your water

Nobody likes the look of orange-brown water. Iron is usually the cause of the notorious orange-brown staining often seen on fences and buildings, and indoors in wet areas such as toilet bowls. After hardness iron is the most common water contaminant not only causing staining but think sediment slime and smell as well. It blocks up pumps, taps, filters and ruins the look of anything it comes into contact with. At higher levels it corrodes and damages valves and fixtures, causing costly damage.

Puretec has a wide range of solutions to prevent staining and rust build-up in water systems and can guide you through the process to provide the best possible solution for your requirements. Puretec iron removal systems use an advanced catalytic process, designed specifically for applications where both iron and sediment are present.

Manufacturers of premium water filtration products for over 30 years, Puretec provide innovative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for both residential and commercial water filtration applications.

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Common Water Issues

Here are the common issues you may see

Oxidised iron in the water causes orange-brown coloured water & severe staining issues..

Very noticeable water quality issues (colour, taste & odour) with your tap water.

Water pipe corrosion caused by the iron in the water.

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Useful Information about Iron Removal

Installed Photos

Here are some installed products on different areas for iron removal water issue. Before Choosing an iron removal system, you’ll need a water analysis. Please contact us if you have any questions: 1300 140 140.