Model No: BV1000

BevClean Sanitising Cleaner, 1 kg

BV1000 | BevClean Sanitising Cleaner, 1 kg
Puretec’s BevClean™ uses active oxygen to remove fermentation residue, protein, colour, and organic soil and has a high kill rate on a wide range of microorganisms making it an effective sanitiser as well as cleaner. This is a fantastic product for use on all beverage applications including beverage delivery lines, brewery equipment, premix equipment, pots, fermenters, heat exchangers and coffee heads. 

The ingredients and formulation of the products are safe to use with food preparation equipment and all the ingredients are completely biodegradable and meet and exceed stringent standards. 

A measuring scoop is included in all containers for accurate dosing (small scoop is 5mL and the larger scoop is 20 mL).
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Features & Benefits

• Active oxygen formula kills micro-organisms.
• Removes fermentation residue, protein, colour and organic soil.
• Designed for use on all beverage service equipment.
• Save on maintenance costs and downtime.
• Cleaner and sanitiser all-in-one.
• Rapid biodegradable formula.
• Food safe.